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 29th August 2021 at 11:33pm
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Baltimore, Maryland, MICA, Brown Center Office

Graphic designers are form makers. Sustainable graphic designers must make formal decisions. How does the sustainable designer concern themselves with the forms and aesthetics of a solution? Are there visual choices that are more sustainable? What form says “I believe that humans and all life should flourish?” Are aesthetics as they relate to sustainability even important?

I relate aesthetics with form.

I relate form with the external surfaces of an object — its shape, size, scale, color, edges, material appearance, etc. But do I have an incomplete idea of form? This is what leads to the "Are there visual choices that are more sustainable?" question. What are the exterior signaling opportunities?

  • Typography that minimizes ink use?
  • Typography that minimizes page count?
  • Type faces themselves that takes less energy to load/use on a computer?
  • How about the Sara De Bondt printing mainfesto? (I updated it myself w/ permission for the Ecovention Europe catalog).

Aesthetics and beauty? beauty and form?

Related to Form <> Content <> Context


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