Sustainability, Design, and the Collective?

 31st August 2021 at 4:55pm
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Sustainability is not about individualism; not about individual actions. It's about the collective. How can trust in our world and other people improve the contexts? Our communal success is just that – communal. So we need to think about our own success in ways that are more than purely individual.

See JOMO p63 ¶2 l22, The Joy of Missing Out (JOMO)

Okay, so this isn't individual action — it is collective action

How does a designer DO any of this — or rather how do I? What is a design success that is more than individual; I guess that means more than about the designer; more than just the design. The design is the inflection point? the design is the doorway to go from individual to collective solutions? the designer gives up caring about THEMselves in the relationship; its not about portfolio or "coolness" its about what people need.

(There is an article on the creative independent about this!?)

How does design BUILD trust? We need to trust in each other, trust in our institutions, trust in the world. This needs to be REAL trust. True Trust? (what is trust!?) Design can easily build the IDEA of trust, present all the necessary signifiers for trust (I mean, this is the goal of branding in general right???) BUT we don't want just some superficial signifiers of trust we need ACTUAL trust.

I don't know what to do to do this. Designing with people not for them.

Does Design, When Everybody Designs fit in here?


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