Project: Zine Workshop

 22nd October 2021 at 12:48am
Word Count: 212

Learning to work within constraints

Part 1.

For the first hour (is an hour long enough??)

Find all the used/waste paper that you can find. Search recycling bins, your old flatfiles, etc.

  • Nothing new
    • I guess new old stock is okay?
  • Take from the recycling or the trash
    • Nothing soiled or wrinkled (it needs to go through a printer cleanly!)
  • Trim it all to 8.5x11
    • This way, if you find some scrap that is larger than letter, we're already prepared to use it later... more kinds of scrap might become available?
  • Nothing smaller than 8.5x11

Part 2.

Design! So, how much paper did we collect? how many copies do we need to make? let's figure out a page count then. Do we want to print double sided? french fold?

Once we have a page count, well, what is going to be our content, and how will we use the space and divy up the work?

Go over the sustainable print guidelines, how can we let the constraints of less, etc. influence design decisions/directions? does this relate to the content at all?

Needs for workshop:

  • Laser or Riso printer
  • Spiral/Coil binder of some kind that can at least do a half letter
  • ???

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