You can’t know everything

 18th June 2021 at 11:40pm
Word Count: 132

Circumstances for making are constantly changing — equipment, knowledge, materials, and other Constraints are different from scenario-to-scenario and from year-to-year (or lately, on places like the web, week-to-week or even day-to-day). A Good Teacher acknowledges they won’t be able to answer every question, keep up with every new direction, understand every tool, or know every available solution. This is fine. A good teacher is transparent when ignorant, and offers avenues for exploration or further help from elsewhere (perhaps another colleague, the right book from the library, a lead from social or art history, or a well-crafted google search). Being a professional isn’t about knowing everything, it’s about remembering how to find and ask for help.

And! But! Everything Is Connected


Sentences, Paragraphs and More on Sustainability, Open Source, Design, and how Everything is Connected in general.