The Designer as Sustainabilitist (A Table of Contents)

 12th August 2021 at 2:06pm
Word Count: 96

Outline/TOC for a zine/short book... The Designer as Sustainabilitist

Towards and understanding of sustainability as required by the design profession?

  1. The Sustainabilitist Manifesto
  2. The Sustainabilitist Principles
  3. Postulates of Sustainable Design ??
  4. What is a Sustainabilitist?
  5. What does sustainable Graphic Design look like?
  6. Explain the principles? illustrate what has been presented? essays or writings or readings from the field?
  7. Learning more about > define key terms/Ideas like Everything Is Connected?
  8. Understanding Sustainability
  9. Key Thinkers? Key Texts? Key Differences in Understanding
  10. How to create sustainability?
  11. An exercise in sustainability > what is the most sustainable design?
  12. Glossary/Vocabulary?


Sentences, Paragraphs and More on Sustainability, Open Source, Design, and how Everything is Connected in general.