Lecture Ideas for Utah Workshop intro

5th July 2021 at 1:36pm
Word Count: 386

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  • I am combining three important things in this workshop:
  • This workshop needs a name.
  1. Workshop
    1. Free Culture > In The Beginning Culture was Free!
      1. Design Tools/elements
        1. Flickr Commons
        2. Typography And Open Source
      2. Vernacular
        1. Stewart Brand and How Buildings Learn
    2. Climate Designer
      1. Project Drawdown
      2. UN Sustainable Development Goals
    3. Clear, Easily Iterative Deliverables
      1. Posters
        1. Some sort of series?
          • why posters?
          • can "posters" be interpreted in some way?
        2. 2 posters – the posters are in communication with one another?
          • Reuse my poster project prompt from AD1 w/ sandie and isaac?
        3. 3 posters – they are iterative? they build on one another?
  2. Readings
    1. Refernce the AD1 Invisible Cities readings?
    2. AD1 Grating exercises readings?
    3. The Ecstasy of Influence, Jonathan Lethem / http://fromkeetra.com/Downloads/TheEcstacyOfInfluence_JonathanLethem.pdf / https://harpers.org/archive/2007/02/the-ecstasy-of-influence/?single=1
    4. Writing Bodies, Litia Perta
  3. Questions
    1. What is it?
    2. When is this from?
    3. Where is this from?
    4. Who made this?
    5. What made this?
    6. What is so great about this?
    7. What drew you to this?
    8. Why does this exist?
    9. How do we create meaning?
    10. How do we decide what is "good enough" to give to another person? and does that matter?
    11. How do you reinvent the visual presentation of a familiar product?
    12. How do we discover new ways to reimagine and promote common forms?


Sentences, Paragraphs and More on Sustainability, Open Source, Design, and how Everything is Connected in general.