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 27th June 2021 at 2:30am
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Making Sense of my Mind!?
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Baltimore, Maryland, Bedroom

What do we want? what do we need? What can I do to have a plan? make a plan? do more? do less?

The goal for our house? carbon neutral by 2025, carbon negative by 2030? how does one get there? and just the house? what about our f-ing lives? What can graphic design do to help with this? why am I caught up with this label? why stuck feeling like a graphic designer? why not artist? why not maker"? why not just person?

I am a Person Doing Person Things. How do I just go about being okay with that?

Why do I waste time on things that don't matter. Like trying to make custom styles for things like slack and my tiddlywiki? is it worth it really!? come on.

How can I make my OOKB palette more accessible? higher contrast? how to make it more usable, more reusable, through the constraints of accessibility. Is this a learning opportunity for me? is this a "sign signaling sustainability" of some sort or another?

this project isn't going very well. Why am I so negative? do I have adhd? am i depressed? how does one find this out? I guess you just ask doctors? is procrastinating doing that a sign that one has those things? why procrasticnate how does my mind make thiese connections? why do I ogo over and over again on the same things, while also going out and out again on wild goose chases???

Can I please get to anything I actually hope to? The plastic stuff!? please! crhis how do we proceed?!?!

This wiki can quickly turn into something useful from a class/sustainabilitist perspective.

Stuff that would be cool to do and get done: * reach out to various people in Baltimore I could foreseeably help?


Sentences, Paragraphs and More on Sustainability, Open Source, Design, and how Everything is Connected in general.